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Initially, individuals seek out Pit Row Sports to take advantage of their proven processes and support methods for getting inspired drivers to the racetrack.  PRS provides transport services for track vehicles through Car Hautel, it offers its clients access to driving instructors and peer drivers to help learn the sport of road racing and provide all the information necessary to have a successful track experience, qualified mechanics and parts supplies are available for many vehicle related issues, and their hospitality offerings and member camaraderie provide a comfortable worry-free experience and a social environment second to none.

These offerings form the core of the Pit Row Sports experience, but the true value of racing with PRS is a little less tangible.  During the process of improving ones track skills, something else is happening; you are building self-confidence, and learning to turn your inner fire into action and accomplishment.  The track provides the best of all proving grounds.  First of all, it is a real endeavor.  There are serious risks involved to the untrained and unskilled, but by following the direction of driving instructors and the rules provided by the event sponsoring organizations it is possible to become skilled in a craft that is respected for its complexity and precision (not to mention a pretty cool thing to tell others that you are involved in).  Also, track events are filled with competitors.  The competitive spirit at track events provides added incentive to participants to fine-tune their craft and to excel at it.  Finally, track events force participants to use all their skills and abilities in an environment that requires quick decision-making, risk-taking, and mutual respect.

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  1. Bruce Naude Says:

    It should also be mentioned that the competitive spirit that exists, is about you as the individual competing against yourself. We all start out as beginners regardless of our level of experience, and this Sport has a major impact on self-improvement. Smooth is fast, the more skilled you become at managing momentum and retaining it, the better you become. So achieving a specific goal in a FUN-Filled environment with friends and support, is really what PIT ROW SPORTS aims for. The most competent drivers I know have terrific skills in multiple aspects. Awareness of the space you occupy and the ability to anticipate more advangeous space becoming available. The ability to look ahead, be aware of whats behind you, approaching traffic moving faster, and managing your space is key. So OBSERVATION is one skill. Next is the abilty to manage your car. From understanding the systems onboard, to how to use them to your advantage. Every car has its own characteristics, you need to find out what those are, and how your car reacts to different inputs from you as a driver. So SENSORY PERCEPTION becomes a skill, and so on…

    We have an infrastructure to help with all those aspects. There truly does not exist an Owner’s Manual to Racing. The best classroom is to be with people who have learnt through experience. There is no such thing as a dumb question…the more you ask, the more you learn. We would like to share that experience with you!

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